23.8. - 6.10. 2013 SIC, Helsinki

6.9. - 12.10. 2013 KOMPLOT, Brussels

Random Soulful Objects, 2013
Dimensions variable, two Nike shoeboxes, sound: two channel asymmetric loop
Thanks Joonas Kiviharju

Random Soulful Objects, 2013
Dimensions variable, two plaster casts, sound: two channel asymmetric loop

Cut/copy as a secession from site-specificity

A literary approach to the dichotomy of an original and its copy is needed here. Site-specificity is questioned, as well as the increasing demand of tailored art practices providing institutions and administrations. ?No precise orders will be given regarding the site-specificity question, so the epicentre of this experiment is a consideration of a larger totality, profoundly linked to the contemporary art practices and structures in the European emerging scene nowadays. The long term art production processes in the oeuvre of an artist, or even the artist seen as a factory/company are questions that lay deeply in the concepts previously enunciated: original/copy.

KOPIOITU creates a double exhibition, a mirroring situation or a splitting divergent show between Helsinki and Brussels. The double negative production: twice the same, but not exactly; two copies where you won't find an original; being indexed twice in a couple of debutant archives defines each copy of the show, the available mediums will enable the content.

Makasiini L3
Tyynenmerenkatu 6 C
00220 Helsinki

Kopioitu has been initiated by the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux
Supported by Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Gemeente Vorst, Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, COCOF (Commission Communaitaire Française), Loterie Nationale, WBI (Wallonie-Bruxelles International), Ambassade de Finlande à Bruxelles, Embassy of Belgium in Helsinki, HIAP, FRAME (Visual Art Finland) and Arts Promotion Centre Finland